Village & Panchayats

Konaseema District is having 316 Revenue villages covering 22 Mandal’s. The list of Villages Division wise are:

Profile Of The Gram Panchayats In Konaseema District:

East Godavari District is having 385Gram Panchayats covering 22 Mandals 

The main object of the Panchayat Raj Department is to provide civic amenities to the rural public.

Civic amenities:

Sanitation, Drinking Water Supply, Street Lighting and to take up developmental activities in and around the village according to funds availability.

Besides, that this Department is taken up different activities as entrusted by the District Administration and by the Government like distribution of NTR Bharosa pensions, construction of ISLs etc.,

Income sources of the Gram Panchayat :

House Tax, Fishery Leases, Avenues, Market kisties, Aseelu, Layout and building fee, Kabela etc., The Government have been releasing Grants under 14th Finance Commission regularly to the Gram Panchayats to take up developmental activities as per guidelines issued thereunder.

The Panchayat Secretary set up was introduced by the Government in the year 2002 and their job chart was designed vide G.O.Ms.No.295,PR and RD Dt.     2007. The immediate superior officer for the Panchayat Secretary is Extension Officer(PR and RD) and he has to ensure that the administration in the Gram Panchayat is in order and in accordance with Law and provisions.

The next level hierarchy is Divisional Panchayat Officer and then District Panchayat Officer. They will inspect the Gram Panchayats periodically and see that the administration of such Gram Panchayats are in order.

There is every need to augment the resources of the Gram Panchayats to meet the daily needs of sanitation, drinking water supply and street lighting which are mandatory to provide to the general public residing in rural areas.

For this, the Gram Panchayats have to levy Drainage Cess and Lighting cess , advertisement Tax on hoardings erected in the limits of the Gram Panchayats

Amalapuram Division:

Sl. No. Division Name Mandal Name Village Name
1 Amalapuram Ainavilli Ainavilli
2 Amalapuram Ainavilli Chintana Lanka
3 Amalapuram Ainavilli K. Jagannadhapuram
4 Amalapuram Ainavilli Kondukuduru
5 Amalapuram Ainavilli Kotipalli Bhaga
6 Amalapuram Ainavilli Krapa
7 Amalapuram Ainavilli Madupalle
8 Amalapuram Ainavilli Magam
9 Amalapuram Ainavilli Nedunuru
10 Amalapuram Ainavilli Pothukurru
11 Amalapuram Ainavilli Sanapalli Lanka
12 Amalapuram Ainavilli Sirasavalli Savaram
13 Amalapuram Ainavilli Siripalle
14 Amalapuram Ainavilli Totharamudi
15 Amalapuram Ainavilli Veeravallipalem
16 Amalapuram Ainavilli Veluvalapalle
17 Amalapuram Ainavilli Vilasa
18 Amalapuram Allavaram Allavaram
19 Amalapuram Allavaram Bendamurulanka
20 Amalapuram Allavaram Bodasakurru
21 Amalapuram Allavaram Devaguptam
22 Amalapuram Allavaram Godi
23 Amalapuram Allavaram Godilanka
24 Amalapuram Allavaram Gudala
25 Amalapuram Allavaram Komaragiripatnam
26 Amalapuram Allavaram Mogallamuru
27 Amalapuram Allavaram Rellugadda
28 Amalapuram Allavaram Samanthakuru
29 Amalapuram Allavaram Tadikona
30 Amalapuram Allavaram Thurupulanka
31 Amalapuram Allavaram Yentrikona
32 Amalapuram Amalapuram A. Vemavaram
33 Amalapuram Amalapuram Amalapuram (Municipality)
34 Amalapuram Amalapuram Amalapuram (Rural)
35 Amalapuram Amalapuram Bandarulanka (Pt)
36 Amalapuram Amalapuram Bhatnaville
37 Amalapuram Amalapuram Edarapalle
38 Amalapuram Amalapuram Gunnapalle Agraharam
39 Amalapuram Amalapuram Immidivarappadu
40 Amalapuram Amalapuram Indupalle
41 Amalapuram Amalapuram Janupalle
42 Amalapuram Amalapuram Nadipudi
43 Amalapuram Amalapuram Nallamille
44 Amalapuram Amalapuram Palagummi
45 Amalapuram Amalapuram Peruru
46 Amalapuram Amalapuram Sakuru
47 Amalapuram Amalapuram Samanasa
48 Amalapuram Amalapuram Thandavapalle
49 Amalapuram Amalapuram Vanne Chintalapudi
50 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Chiratapudi
51 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Gangalakurru
52 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Irusumanda
53 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Isukapudi
54 Amalapuram Ambajipeta K. Pedapudi
55 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Machavaram(U)
56 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mosalipalli
57 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mukkamala
58 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Nandampudi
59 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Pasupalli
60 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Pulletikurru
61 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Thondavaram
62 Amalapuram Ambajipeta Vakkalanka
63 Amalapuram I. Polavaram G. Vemavaram
64 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Guthinadeevi
65 Amalapuram I. Polavaram I. Polavaram
66 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Kesanakurru
67 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Komaragiri
68 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Muramalla
69 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Pasuvullanka
70 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Patha Injaram
71 Amalapuram I. Polavaram T. Kothapalle
72 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Thillakkuppa
73 Amalapuram I. Polavaram Yedurulanka
74 Amalapuram Katrenikona Bantumilli
75 Amalapuram Katrenikona Brahmasamedhyam
76 Amalapuram Katrenikona Cheyyeru
77 Amalapuram Katrenikona Chirrayanam
78 Amalapuram Katrenikona Dontikurru
79 Amalapuram Katrenikona Geddanapalle
80 Amalapuram Katrenikona Kandikuppa
81 Amalapuram Katrenikona Katrenikona
82 Amalapuram Katrenikona Kundaleswaram
83 Amalapuram Katrenikona Lakshmiwada
84 Amalapuram Katrenikona Nadavapalle
85 Amalapuram Katrenikona Pallamkurru
86 Amalapuram Katrenikona Penuwalla
87 Amalapuram Katrenikona Uppudi
88 Amalapuram Malkipuram Gudapalle
89 Amalapuram Malkipuram Gudimellanka
90 Amalapuram Malkipuram Irusumanda
91 Amalapuram Malkipuram Kattimanda
92 Amalapuram Malkipuram Kesanapalle
93 Amalapuram Malkipuram Lakkavaram
94 Amalapuram Malkipuram Malikipuram
95 Amalapuram Malkipuram Mattaparru
96 Amalapuram Malkipuram Ramarajulanka
97 Amalapuram Malkipuram Sankaraguptham
98 Amalapuram Malkipuram Visweswarayapuram
99 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Adurru
100 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Appanapalle
101 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Botlakurru Doddavaram
102 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Edarada
103 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Geddada
104 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Gogannamatham
105 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Komarada
106 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Lutukurru
107 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Magatapalle
108 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Makanapalem
109 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mamidikuduru
110 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mogalikuduru
111 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Nagaram
112 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Pasarlapudi
113 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Pasarlapudilanka
114 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Pedapatnam
115 Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Pedapatnam Lanka
116 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Ainapuram
117 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Ananthavaram
118 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Annampalle
119 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Ch. Gunnepalle
120 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Gadilanka
121 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Kamini
122 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Komanapalle
123 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Kothalanka
124 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Krapa Chintalapudi
125 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mummidivaram
126 Amalapuram Mummidivaram Tanelanka
127 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Bellampudi
128 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Ganti Pedapudi
129 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Karupallipadu
130 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Katharlanka
131 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Kundalapalle
132 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Lankalagannavaram
133 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Manepalle
134 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mondepu Lanka
135 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Munganda
136 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mungandapalem
137 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Munjavaram
138 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Narendrapuram
139 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Patha  Gannavaram
140 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Pothavaram
141 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Udumudi
142 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Vadrevupalle
143 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Vainateya Kothapalle
144 Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Yenugupalle
145 Amalapuram Razole B. Savaram
146 Amalapuram Razole Chintalapalle
147 Amalapuram Razole Kadali
148 Amalapuram Razole Katrenipadu
149 Amalapuram Razole Kunavaram
150 Amalapuram Razole Mulikipalle
151 Amalapuram Razole Palagummi
152 Amalapuram Razole Podalada
153 Amalapuram Razole Ponnamanda
154 Amalapuram Razole Razole (Pt)
155 Amalapuram Razole Razole Rural
156 Amalapuram Razole Sivakodu
157 Amalapuram Razole Sompalle
158 Amalapuram Razole Tatipaka
159 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Antarvedi
160 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Antarvedipalem
161 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Appanaramuni Lanka
162 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Gudimula Kandrika
163 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Kesavadasupalem
164 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Mori
165 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Rameswaram
166 Amalapuram Sakhinetipalli Sakinetipalle
167 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Bheemanapalli
168 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Chinagadavalli
169 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Gollavilli
170 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Gopavaram
171 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Kunavaram
172 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Munipalli
173 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Nangavaram
174 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Nimmakayala Kothapalli
175 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Pedagadavilli
176 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Sannavilli
177 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Surasaniyanam
178 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam T. Challapalle
179 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Uppalaguptam
180 Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Vilasavilli

Ramachadrapuram Division:

Sl. No. Division Name Mandal Name Village Name
181 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Addampalle
182 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Amjuru
183 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Balantharam
184 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Bhatla Palika
185 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Dangeru
186 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Gangavaram
187 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Gudigalla
188 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Gudigalla Bhaga
189 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Koolla
190 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Kota
191 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Kotipalle
192 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Kudupuru
193 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Kunduru
194 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Masakapalle
195 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Pamarru
196 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Paningapalle
197 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Pekeru
198 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Satyawada
199 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Sivala
200 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Sundarapalle
201 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Thamarapalle
202 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Vilasa Gangavaram
203 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Yendagandi
204 Ramachandrapuram K Gangavaram (Pamarru) Yerra  Pothavaram
205 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Angara
206 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Kaleru
207 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Kapileswarapuram
208 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Korumilli
209 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Machara
210 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Nalluru
211 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Nelaturu
212 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Nidasanametta
213 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Padamara Khandrika
214 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Teki
215 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Thatapudi
216 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Vadlamuru
217 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Vakatippa
218 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Valluru
219 Ramachandrapuram Kapileswarapuram Vedurumudi
220 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Arthamuru
221 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Chinadevarapudi
222 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Dwarapudi
223 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Ippanapadu
224 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Kesavaram
225 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Mandapeta (Municipal Town)
226 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Maredubaka
227 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Mernipadu
228 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Palathodu
229 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Tapeswaram
230 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Velagathodu
231 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Vemulapalle @ Seetayyapeta
232 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Yeditha
233 Ramachandrapuram Mandapeta Z.Medapadu
234 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Ambikapalle Agraharam
235 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Bheemakrosupalem
236 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram B.Ramannapalem
237 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Draksharama
238 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Hasanbada
239 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Jagannaikulapalem
240 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Bhupathipalem
241 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Kapavaram
242 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Mutchumilli
243 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Narasapurapupeta
244 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Chelakaveedhi
245 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Ramachndrapuram(U)  (Municipal Town)
246 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Cheruvuru
247 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Thotapeta
248 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Unduru
249 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Utrumilli
250 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Vegayammapeta
251 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Velampalem
252 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Vella
253 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Venkatayapalem
254 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Yanamadala
255 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram Yerupalle
256 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Chelluru
257 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Kurakallapalle
258 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Kurmapuram
259 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Lolla
260 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Machavaram (PT)
261 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Nadurubada
262 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Pasalapudi
263 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Someswaram
264 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Vedurupaka
265 Ramachandrapuram Rayavaram Venturu
266 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Alamuru
267 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Baduguvanilanka
268 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Chintaluru
269 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Choppela
270 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Gummileru
271 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Jonnada
272 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Kalavacherla
273 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Madiki
274 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Modukuru
275 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Narsipudi
276 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Navabpeta
277 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Pedapalle
278 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Penikeru
279 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Pinapalle
280 Ramachandrapuram Alamuru Sandhipudi
281 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Devarapalle
282 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Gopalapuram
283 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Ithakota
284 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Juthigapadu
285 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Komaraju Lanka
286 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Lakshmipolavaram
287 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Mummidivarappadu
288 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Podagatlapalle
289 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Ravulapalem
290 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Ubalanka
291 Ramachandrapuram Ravulapelm Vedireswaram
292 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Avidi
293 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Billa Kurru
294 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Ganti
295 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Khandrika
296 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Kothapeta
297 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Mandapalli
298 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Modekurru
299 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Palivela
300 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Vadapalem
301 Ramachandrapuram Kothapeta Vanapalli
302 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Ankampalem
303 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Atreyapuram
304 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Kattunga
305 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Lolla
306 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Merlapalem
307 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Narkedimilli
308 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Peravaram
309 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Pulidindi
310 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Rajavaram
311 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Ryali
312 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Utchili
313 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Vadapalle
314 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Vaddiparru
315 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Valicheru
316 Ramachandrapuram Atreyarapuram Vasanthawada