R & B

The R&B Division, Amalapuram have a jurisdiction of 1079.068 Kms out of which 280.606 kms of State High ways, 538.182 Kms of Major District roads and Other District Roads + PR roads transferred to R&B Dept., is 260.300 Kms.

Departmental Activities :

  • The Roads & Buildings department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Konaseema District Principal Road Network.
  • Responsible for construction of Bridges/Culverts/Causeways on Road Network.
  • Responsible for construction and Maintenance of Judicial Buildings.

Brief notes on State Govt. schemes implemented:

  • 29 roads for an amount of Rs.37.32 Cores are being developed in Special Repairs Program and are in brisk progress.
  • Mukkamala – Edarapalli road is developed from single lane to Double lane in HUD-HUD program for a length of a length of 8.540 Kms and for an amount of Rs.35.63 Crores, now the work is completed.
  • 3 Roads (Corenet Roads) are being developed in Periodical Maintenance Program for an amount of Rs.19.48 Crores and 2 works are in progress.
  • 28 No of PHCs are renovated for a value of Rs.10.253 Crores and 3 PHCs are being constructed for a value of Rs.4.69 Crores in NAADU-NEDU scheme.
  • 2 High Level Bridges were sanctioned viz.,
  • Construction of High level Bridge across Gogullanka branch of Vrudha Gouthami river at Km 1/10 of Guthinadeevi to BhairavaLanka road in East Godavari District.
  • Govt. of AP has accorded necessary administrative sanction for Rs.44.50 Crores vide G.O.Rt. No.113, Transport, Roads & Builidngs (R-III) Department, dated 05.04.2020 as  it is the Hon”ble Chief Minister’s Assurance  during the Pada Yatra in the villages of Gogullanka & Bhairavalanka to construct the Bridge instead of boats/ferry crossing.
  • DPRs and Draft final Bid documents submitted. Revised/Recast Estimate for Rs.76.90 Crores submitted.
  • Construction of HLB across river Vridha Gowthami at G.Moolapalem in Km.10/140 of Yedurlanka – G.Moolapalem road in East Godavaridistrict (EGMD133) –Revised estimate for Rs.76.90 crores submitted.


Design Consultancy to complete the balance work with required modifications to the Original design  Sub estimate Rs. 33.75 lakhs. Inclusion of  Consultancy charges for Proof checking of Designs & Drawings, for Rs. 5.00 Lakhs as BOQ item – working estimate submitted for approval.

Contact details (mobile, e-mail)

  • Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Division, Amalapuram – 9440818052
  • Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Subdivision, Amalapuram – 9440818297
  • Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Subdivision, Kothapeta – 9440818298
  • Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Subdivision, Razole – 9440818299

Success story of the department : 

  • Mukkamala – Edarapalli Road – It was a single lane BT road and was improved as double lane road. This is the shortest route to reach NH16 at Ravulapalem from Amalapuram. The shortened distance is nearly around 7.00kms.
  • Amalapuram – Bobbarlanka Road – The road was severely damaged with lot of pot holes. The road was sanctioned after lot of grievances from public and a lot of applause has come from public.